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Selasa, 30 November 2010

Braxton Hicks & Breast-feeding

korang pnah dgr Braxton Hicks??bg ibu-ibu yg pnah mengandung akan lalui fasa ni..yg mana selalunya terjadi pada 2nd or 3rd trimester pregnancy..

Lately aku kerap DILANDA Braxton Hicks ni..bleh kata setiap mlm(kalu ada cik somi) mesti kena..naper kalu ada cik somi jer kna??hahaha bb nk memanjer dgn papa dia la..kalu dgn mama jer dia xnk kaco..hahaahhaha!!!!

Eh..xlah..series..aku nk kongsi dgn korg ni..sbb aku dpt tahu BF pun bleh trigger BH ni..disamping perkara² lain apa tu??korg carik sindri la:) aku google la..ni aku qoute:

"The nature of breastfeeding contractions The hormone oxytocin is often considered to be at the crux of any potential connection between breastfeeding and adverse pregnancy outcomes. When a child suckles, oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is the chemical messenger which causes breast tissue to contract, causing the “let-down” effect which results in milk flow. Through the release of oxytocin and prostaglandin, breastfeeding also stimulates the uterus to contract. What effect might these breastfeeding-induced contractions have during pregnancy? We do know that mild contractions (known as Braxton-Hicks) are a normal part of pregnancy, and usually breastfeeding contractions are mild during pregnancy. One physician notes that clinical observation shows that breastfeeding contractions do not produce dilation of the cervix. Accordingly, in the Moscona survey of 57 mothers breastfeeding during pregnancy, only four women (seven percent) recalled contractions related to breastfeeding at all. The four women who did notice contractions described a broad range of strength from mild to intense, and none had an adverse effect on the outcome of pregnancy. "...http://nursingtwo.kellymom.com/excer...tractions.html

dan aku qoute kat laman lain:

Breastfeeding and Contractions
"Nipple stimulation releases the hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream. Oxytocin is important for breastfeeding because it is the chemical messenger that tells breast tissue to contract and eject milk (the "milk ejection reflex"). Oxytocin also tells the uterine tissue to contract. All women experience uterine contractions during breastfeeding, although they are usually too mild to be noticed. Nipple stimulation can be used to ripen the cervix when a woman is at term, and can also augment labor after it is underway. Postpartum breastfeeding efficiently shrinks the uterus back to pre-pregnancy size.
Given these associations, it seems a short jump to guess that breastfeeding might trigger labor before its time. This question deserves medical study, and it is important to bear in mind that at this time there have been no controlled studies.
At the same time, preliminary data do suggest that breastfeeding and healthy term births are quite compatible. Sherrill Moscona's 1993 survey of 57 California mothers who breastfed during pregnancy concluded that breastfeeding resulted in no apparent adverse consequences to the mothers' pregnancies.2
There are also countless anecdotal reports of mothers who have breastfed throughout pregnancy and given birth to healthy term
babies. Of course, some pregnancies are not destined to proceed as we hope, whether the mother is breastfeeding or not, and so breastfeeding mothers have suffered their share of preterm labor and miscarriage as well.
Most mothers notice no contractions during breastfeeding, even during pregnancy (93% in the Moscona survey).3 Interestingly, even those who experience intense "nursing contractions" often find that the contractions cease soon after ending the breastfeeding session.4 Like Braxton-Hicks contractions, nursing contractions commonly occur without disrupting the pregnancy. How might that work? The scientific literature has a lot to tell us about that. "


So..dlm erti kata lain penyebab aku kna BH ni adalah OXYTOCIN punya angkara..sbb aku kan still BF imran..dan bapaknyer..ehh!!!apa kna mengena so hormon ni keluar dgn jayanya, sbb tu aku tetiap mlm kerap dilanda BH..

HAAAA!!! BLEH KNA MISCARRIAGE KE?? relax..relax..kalu kita cek % dia..mmg sgt sedikit(selalunya yg lead smpi miscarriage tu selalunya Real Factor dia bukan BF yer..)..

so camner nk kawal or tahan???haa..ni aku qoute:

"If you experience discomfort or pain with these practice contractions, try out techniques you've learned in class to deal with labor, such as breathing, relaxation, massage, movement and more. Often women will find that simply changing position can help with any pain from these contractions. A nice warm bath or shower can also help relieve any crampy feelings and promote relaxation"

err..aku ada baca somewhere FULL BLADDER pun penyebab BH ni..so sbb tu aku tiap kali aku kna BH ni aku mesti gi toilet ..pastu gerak-gerak pi toilet suma baru lah release BH ni...

jd..mommies sumer..jgn risau nk terberanak plak yer..kalu stakat 2nd trimester tu kna Braxton hicks kerap sgt hanya kerana Breast-feeding or love-making process apakah??? hahahaah~~~

4 ulasan:

Huda berkata...

good info..debar gak ni..hehhee..

Confession of a Coffeeholic Mama-Miya berkata...

i pun rajin kena BH, even during 1st pregnancy dulu. this time around pulak BH dtg lebih awal dr dulu. tak silap as early as 4months i dah mula ada BH.

mmg BH makin menjadi2 sebab kan BF. but br2 ni during check up, the doc & midwife kata its healthy to have frequent BH. so no worries.

from my exp i biasa kena BH bila full bladder, sejuk, BF, stress or letih time tgh buat kerja.

the bright side, i get to practice deep breathing utk labour nnt & most experts kata, dgn ni nnt maybe labour laju aje. i percaya gak sebabnye time 1st bersalin dulu kejap aje sakit dia, baby kluar 3jam lepas ada bloody show & the 1st true labour pain terasa. then bila air pecah, anak kluar tak sampai 5mins after tu. ;)

mamanoa berkata...

Huda> sharing is caring

Mamamia> really..it's healthy??wah..mmg i pun kna mcm u la..bladdder full,sejuk,stress sumer..wah xsangka..br ingat nk gi tanyer gynea nex week check-up..i xder la risau kat bb, i lbih risau kat diri i jer..dgn keja turun naik court lg..everyday is stressfull

mamanoa berkata...

Huda> sharing is caring

Mamamia> really..it's healthy??wah..mmg i pun kna mcm u la..bladdder full,sejuk,stress sumer..wah xsangka..br ingat nk gi tanyer gynea nex week check-up..i xder la risau kat bb, i lbih risau kat diri i jer..dgn keja turun naik court lg..everyday is stressfull



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